Mobile Residency Project

What is the residency? 
  • A five-day artist residency
  • Working with up to 250 participants
  • Creating a permanent piece of kinetic public art your school or community. 
<ul><li>A five-day artist residency</li><li>Working with up to 300 participants</li><li>Creating a permanent moving sculpture for your school or community.</li></ul>
Prior to the residency:
Kevin connects with the principal and/or art teacher to discuss placement and size of the mobile(s). With the support of the art and/or classroom teacher(s), students do drawings of their ideas for the sculpture. Kevin then creates a model, inspired by the students’ drawings, of the mobile and shares it with the students on the first day of...
The residency:
Over a five-day period, the students help Kevin measure, draw out, sand, paint and balance the mobile.  The students decide together what colors to use and how those colors will be applied to the mobile.  On the final day, the mobile is installed and unveiled for the entire school community.
After the residency:
The entire school will enjoy the mobile for years to come. The only "maintennce" it will need is to be dusted whenever it needs it (every five years or so).
SchoolSculptures Fees and Pricing *
Five-day Mobile Residency Project, including pre-residency work, design, all materials, and a performance of A Perfect Balance
$9500 plus housing and transportation
*For schools and presenters within 90 miles of Washington DC, contact us about local prices.