TeamSculptures For Businesses and Organizations

  • A unique avenue for inspiring and visually realizing collaboration and innovation.
  • An employee/member engagement process that ends with a daily visual reminder of the participants’ creativity and teamwork.

Collaborate with sculptor Kevin Reese to envision, design, and create a kinetic sculpture – a visual metaphor for many parts coming together to make a new whole. 


TeamSculptures brought people together in a team-building effort that was not threatening; people felt relaxed, unencumbered by the stresses of work while creating and building something of meaning/longevity.  It was fun and even those who were reluctant at first had fun. 
Judie Flynn,
Human Resources
Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center


  • Envision a “big picture” and determine the versatility and synthesis of skills needed to create it.
  • Tackle novel challenges, rather than solve routine problems.
  • Imagine alternative possibilities and make them real.
  • Live in/exercise their right brain.
  • Discover their own and others' heretofore-hidden qualities and strengths.
  • Empathize with other points of view.
  • “Play well with others" as they listen, communicate, give and take.
  • Find inspiration and motivation by working with an artist of singular passion and unique skill.

Sample Projects include:

  • Kevin works on-site with employees to design/envision of sculpture that is installed in the lobby, lunchroom, hallway, or conference room of a business or office.  
  • Kevin works off-site in a retreat format to use the mobile-making process as an exploration of teamwork.
  • Kevin works in a community site with business/organization employees/members to create a sculpture for/with a disadvantaged community.

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