Mobilizing Our Community

A multi-week residency in Wausau Wisconsin taking SchoolSculptures to a whole new level.

Weeks One and Two:

Kevin Reese worked with over
450 students from 30 different schools
representing all four area school districts.

Students created their own maquette, or artist’s model, learning skills of design and balance.  Kevin photographed the maquettes to use as an inspiration for the final design.
   Weeks Three and Four:
Kevin returns with a master maquette
and works with the students to fabricate
44 full scale mobiles. Local businesses
“adopt” each mobile by financially
contributing to Mobilizing Our
Community.  Then the mobiles and
student maquettes are installed in the
Great Hall, a large public space in
downtown Wausau, and celebrated at an
opening event by students, parents and the

                                        The Great Hall, Wasuau, Wisconsin May 7, 2010

Week Five:
After six weeks, the mobiles are then re-
installed as permanent pieces of public art
in the businesses that supported the residency.
Each business receives a sticker for their door
that says “We’ve Been Mobilized!”  This
becomes a reminder (and advertisement) of
their commitment to the project.
29 businesses and community organizations are now homes to SchoolSculptures  mobiles.
134 other individuals, businesses and families contributed (either in-kind or in cash) to the project including 49 teachers, committee members and artist-assistants.
Total cost: $35,000
Total cash contributed: $46,931